21 Day Meal Plan

(in Collaboration with Endurance Coach Peter Kadzielawski, 10x Ironman Triathlete)

Nutrition Coach Aleks Kadzielawski Shares Her Meal Plan

to Help You Eliminate Processed Foods, Increase Energy, Boost Performance and Maintain Ideal Body Weight.

Do you try to plan eating healthy, homemade meals but somehow always end up picking up take out?

Do you keep promising yourself you’ll clean up your diet, but keep putting it off to another week, month, or even year?

As you pick up another meal at a restaurant are you feeling guilty for wasting money on foods you know are “bad” for you?

Do you have every intention to get organized in your kitchen, but feel kind of lost about what products to buy, and how to structure your meal planning?

Or maybe you are simply bored with the foods you’re currently eating, and need some healthy variety in your life?

If this sounds familiar, I can certainly tell you that this doesn’t forever have to be your reality.

Instead of planning healthy meals on Pinterest for hours (that all live in your head but never actually get made) or buying bulky diet books that all contradict one another, there is another option that doesn’t have to be so complicated.

In fact, if you’re confused about what advice to follow, whether to go low-carb, low-fat, or low-anything.... (it’s frustrating enough to decipher all this contradicting info), keep reading my dear, there’s some clarity coming your way...

I Finally Found a Sustainable Way of Eating

Without All the Dieting, Calorie Counting and Restrictions

Just a few years back, I was just as frustrated about breaking my unhealthy patterns. I felt tired, fatigued, and certainly unhappy with my figure, but for the most part discouraged and without any real structure on how to make healthy food that tastes good at home. My skin was breaking out, and I yearned to have a healthy glow. You know, the one those “fitness girls” always do in magazines...

What was my turning point?

A friend introduced me to a real food diet (diet in the sense of defining a way of eating that is, because I certainly don’t believe in them). I focused on learning how to include as many unprocessed, fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables, good fats, high quality protein, and my body started to change just after a few weeks.

Prior to incorporating this way of eating I had no structure or the slightest idea of what healthy meant beyond eating an iceberg lettuce salad that for the most part left me starving. I didn't even bother exploring healthy recipes, let alone cooking. In fact, I was quite intimidated by the idea of preparing my own meals. So instead, I chose to eat convenience food that left me bloated and yucky at all times...

I’m in Total Control of My Healthy Lifestyle, and

Have Complete Freedom in My Food Selection

Fast forward to today:

I eat what I want, when I want. I don’t worry about calorie counting, or restrictions. I eat simple, whole food ingredients that taste delicious that keep me full and energized throughout the day. I don’t have to feel “guilty” or have “cheat meals” simply because the food I have each day tastes so good!

My health has improved tremendously on all levels. My skin and hair had improved in appearance. I have more energy than when I was younger, and I finally feel sexy in my skin. Partially because I don’t have to hide it from the break outs anymore.

I’m in total control of my healthy lifestyle, and pretty much have complete freedom in my food selection. And most importantly, I have formed a long-term (uber-healthy) relationship with food. Only regret I have is not starting sooner.

Introducing: "Finally Full"

A 21 Day Guide for Making Healthy

Unprocessed, Real Food Meals in Minutes

Total Value: $200

Was: $47 NOW: $27.97

Finally Full is a 21 Day Meal Plan that ditches all the confusion, and contradicting information once and for all. No calorie counting, no restrictions, no low carb, low anything, blah, blah blah..... forget about all this once and for all!

What I have in store for you is a simple 3-week meal planning guide that walks you through how to prepare delicious whole food meals. Did I mention they are gluten, dairy, and preservative-free?

It's designed to walk you step-by-step through the way I eat at home, which in unlike anything most fad diet and nutrition courses have to offer.

It will help you make quick, satisfying and healthy meals in 30 minutes or less, while utilizing your time efficiently to grocery shop and meal prep. Not to mention treating yourself to the healthiest stuff on Earth.

Plus, instead of putting you on a bland, calorie restricted diet, you'll get healthy mouth watering recipes I've personally tested out and incorporated into my own lifestyle.


This guide will help you:


  • Increase your metabolism causing the body to burn fat more efficiently
  • Stabilize your blood-sugar levels and eliminate cravings for sugary foods and refined starches
  • Eliminate the foods that cause bloating and digestion problems (gluten & dairy)
  • Learn to go through the day without feeling hungry by eating the foods packed with protein, good fats, and fiber
  • Remove most processed foods out of your current diet
  • Save you time with grocery shopping and meal preparation
  • Give you the ability to enjoy a variety of delicious yet healthy meals
  • Live a truly fulfilling and healthy lifestyle
  • Compliment your current exercise regimen with healthy fuels
  • Save money on dining out and take out, eliminating the need to buy fast foods
  • Discover maintenance tips to keep the weight off for life

Benefits of Incorporating a Plant-Based Eating

Approach Into Your Lifestyle

  • Nourishes your body with multiple vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fiber, protein and unsaturated fats
  • Alkalizes your body to keep it healthy and in balance
  • Boosts your immune system and fights infections
  • Aids in digestion and increases energy
  • Reduces high blood pressure and high level of cholesterol
  • Helps to alleviate allergies and respiratory disorders
  • High in antioxidant foods improve circulation, cardiovascular health, brain function, stress relief, and increase anti-aging properties

Total Value: $200

Was: $47

NOW: $27.97

On the Fence?

Let Me Explain Why You Should Jump Over to My Side

In my practice regular clients pay north of $1K for my coaching programs. They are more than happy to spend that much because they know I will help them achieve sustainable weight loss and lifestyle changes.

But over the years I've also come across many who simply weren't able to afford my private coaching. While that's just the way life is, it left me feeling like I failed all those people who needed my help. At the same time it wouldn't be fair to my existing clients to discount my premium services.

I needed a way to bridge this gap and give those in need an affordable way to get nutrition help. I intentionally priced this meal plan so low that anyone can benefit from it, and get the structure needed to starting off their healthy lifestyle.




But don't just take my word for it.

Here's what others had to say about Finally Full:

"Finally Full has been one of the easiest, most practical ways to improve my family's eating habits. I was lacking ideas for healthy snacks and weeknight meals, and the plan eliminated all the thinking related to meal planning. The reason I like it is because unlike cookbooks, it structures all the meals in a way that not only saved time, but money we were spending on take out each week. Even now, I revisit the plan for some creative ideas."

Regina W.

"I never realized how many awesome meals one can make out of plants. My idea of incorporating veggies prior to purchasing Finally Full was a measly salad or steamed carrots (which my husband refused to eat). Now, my friends tell me I've turned into a plant-powered goddess! We've been eating more veggies at home than ever before, and always keep ready-to-serve snacks on hand. I absolutely love the recipes, and how easy everything was to prepare. Since completing the plan I've cut down my meat intake in half, eliminated all dairy, and most gluten. I feel more energized than ever."

Kiersten A.

"I was struggling with weight fluctuations my entire life. I had tried all kinds of diets that always left me craving more food. What I loved about Finally Full is that it has allowed me to reduce cravings, and explore a variety of tasty foods without having to count calories or restrictions. I got to eat five delicious meals each day, and increased my veggie intake tenfold. For the first time I feel like I'm on the right track to getting back to my optimal weight."

Ariana C.


If You're Looking For a Quick Weight Loss Gimmick,

Then This Isn't the Place for You

But If You're Ready to Transform the Way You Eat,

Then Read On Darling...

Since diets are only a temporary fix, it was very important to me to create a sustainable solution that teaches others how to change their eating habits for the long term. Therefore, this meal plan was not created as a quick weight loss solution, but rather to teach you how to incorporate a plant-based eating approach into your lifestyle. This is not to say that most participants haven’t experienced some level of weight loss after completing the plan, but that’s just an added bonus.

What you’ll learn through applying Finally Full is how to eliminate gluten, dairy, and other processed foods that don’t serve your body, as well as how to include more whole foods the way Mother Nature intended for us to do so. If you are committed to learning about how you can clean up your diet from processed foods, and understand that eating healthy is a journey that will require time and effort on your part, then you will undoubtedly succeed at this plan.

Sign Up Today, and Receive INSTANT

ACCESS To Your Meal Planning Guide Materials

When You Purchase This Meal Plan, You'll Get...

Here what's inside the Finally Full Plan (.PDF):

  • 21 days worth of my super nutritious easy-to-make recipes that will allow you to enjoy a variety of whole, unprocessed foods including veggies, fruits, high quality protein and healthy fats
  • 5 delicious meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks) that will jump start your metabolism
  • Detailed grocery shopping lists for each week to make the process efficient and replace processed foods with the purest stuff on Earth
  • Printable meal calendar for each week
  • How to use the meal planning guide instructions
  • Organic budget tips
  • Beautiful photos of selected recipes with detailed step-by-step easy to follow instructions
  • Over 80 pages of goodies!

Bonus: 2 Private Cooking Tutorials from My Kitchen to Yours


  • 100% Gluten-Free
  • 100% Dairy-Free
  • Free of canned products
  • Free of artificial sweeteners
  • Free of food dyes
  • Free of additives
  • Free of high-fructose corn syrup
  • Free of highly-processed ingredients
  • Free of toxic chemicals



  • Over 60+ mouth-watering recipes with beautiful photos
  • Printable meal calendar for each week
  • Detailed shopping lists for each week that tell exactly what to buy
  • 21 days of meals organized day by day into printable pages (Download >> Print >> Grocery Shop)
  • How to use the meal planning guide detailed introduction
  • Organic budget tips

Total Value: $200

Was: $47

NOW: $27.97

My Guarantee

I get that in today's economy, you're more cautious with your dollar than ever before (and I don't blame you!). This is why I want you to try out the meal plan for 3 days, and if you feel like you didn't take away value from it (which I guarantee you will), then I'll gladly refund your money. No questions asked!

The truth is that if you are willing to fully commit yourself to the 21 days, you will succeed. If you are just looking to try out another program without actually putting any effort into it, then this will be just like any of the others you've never completed.

Got More Questions? I've got you covered.

I’m tired of trying out new diet plans. How is this program different than everything else?

This program is NOT a diet plan. It’s a guide to introduce nutritious, whole, unprocessed, mostly plant-based foods into your routine. It will teach your how to eat simple, delicious meals, and make it a part of your lifestyle so that you don’t have to go through the yo-yo dieting ever again.

Is this plan vegan?

No. Although this plan primarily focuses on including as many whole, plant-based foods, there are some recipes which incorporate eggs, chicken, and fish which vegans can easily swap out for tofu or other vegan friendly options.

Is this plan gluten-free and dairy-free?

Yes, I’ve taken out all dairy and gluten from the meals so you don't have to worry about that.

What if I don't like your recipes or certain foods?

That's perfectly okay. We all have different palates so you're free to substitute other healthy veggies or proteins and leave out certain ingredients. There's no right or wrong here. You don’t have to follow the plan exactly if you choose not to.

Will I lose weight on this plan?

Weight loss depends on many factors which include our metabolism, exercise levels, hormone balances, water retention, and of course genetics. While most participants will experience weight loss, treat it as an added bonus. The real goal is for you to finally let go of all the processed foods that aren’t serving your body. That’s where the real benefit lies.

Do you include calories in your recipes?

Nope. Just because something is low calorie doesn’t mean that it’s healthy for you. The goal of this plan is to teach you to eat plant-based foods that are high in nutritional density, which is more important than the deceiving concept of mere calorie counting. When you eat whole, unprocessed foods from plant sources, they will be naturally lower in calories, and free of any bad fats or refined sugars, so you won’t have to worry in that department.

What is the cost of the food for the plan?

This really depends on how much you’re currently spending on food. If you’re dining out often, chances are this meal plan may actually save you money. For those who only cook at home, there may be a slight increase simply because whole, unprocessed foods will always cost more than cheap, processed foods. But don’t worry, the truth is that by paying a slight premium for your groceries, you may be cutting down health care costs down the road.

Is this a raw meal plan (uncooked)?

No. Finally Full deals with whole foods, but only about 10% of the recipes are completely raw.

I don’t have a lot of time? Will I be able to make all the meals?

Majority of the breakfasts and snacks will take just minutes to prepare. Lunches and dinners all take less than 30 minutes. In order to make meal preparation more efficient, cook in big batches on the weekends to be used for the week. If you really don’t have any time to prepare the meals, then you will have a hard time following the plan.

Can kids eat the meal plan foods?

Absolutely. Fresh fruits and vegetables provide many of the essential nutrients that growing kids require. Finally Full is also a great way to introduce some new ways of eating veggies to picky eaters. And remember, if you start your kids on clean, unprocessed, whole foods early on, they won’t ever have to struggle with transitioning to a healthier diet as adults.

What if I don’t complete the plan?

There is no requirement to finish the plan. You can go at your own pace, and are welcomed to revisit it at any time that’s convenient for you.

How is the plan delivered?

Upon purchase, you will immediately receive a link to access your private members area where all the PDFs can be found. You'll then be able to download them to your computer, or access them at later time.

I've got additional questions/concerns. How can we get in touch?

No problem, I'd be happy to help you decide if this is something for you. You can email me at

Total Value: $200

Was: $47.00

Now: $27.97