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11 Simple Things Happy People Do Daily (…That You Can Do Too)

1. They Have a Strong Support Network

Yes, sometimes when we are busy, we forget just how important human connection is to our psyche. Having a strong support network of people makes us feel part of a larger community of other like-minded people. Join a local book club, photography workshop, or a running group, and you’ll see how great it will be for your psyche. Not to mention meeting new interesting people who you’ll enjoy interacting with.

2. They Practice Yoga

Yoga is a way to release all the tension from our bodies. Taking a 15 minute break in your day to do some stretches & tuning into yourself is detrimental to being happy. If you’re new to yoga, don’t worry! There are dozens of simple routines on YouTube that you can follow at your own pace. If you have more time, make it your goal to check out a local yoga studio in your area. You’ll be surprised how good you’ll feel after!

3. They Show Gratitude

We live in a society where most of us never feel like we have enough. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, turn your attention to the things that you have going for yourself. We tend to forget that people all over the world are a lot less fortunate. Do you have a roof under your head? Are you blessed with healthy kids? Do you have loving friends who are there for you? Do you have a talent none else does? There is a positive in everything, and happy people recognize that daily.

4. They Exercise

Exercising is literally a way to release the “happy” hormones! Yes, when you sweat it out, your body starts producing dopamine and endorphins that in turn make you more positive. Think about it. Has there ever been a time you felt worse after a workout? Every time I hit the gym, I walk out a happier person.

5. They Surround Themselves with Nature

Even if you’re stuck in an office all day, place a vase of fresh cut flowers on your desk or get a green plant. For me personally being close to nature puts my mind in a happier state. I especially love sunflowers or tulips around my work space. Every time I have a stressful moment, I glance over to appreciate their beauty. If you have more time in your day, visit a park during your lunch hour, and sit on the grass. I guarantee you’ll feel happier!

6. They Meditate

I don’t necessarily mean on a meditation pillow in front of a shrine (which is cool too if you’re into that). I mean, really taking a mental break to reconnect with your inner self. There’s no right or wrong way to meditate. If you’re a newbie, I’d find a peaceful spot, close your eyes, light some incent sticks, and visualize a place like a beach or a forest (somewhere you feel happy). Drift away to that place and know that you are the source of your own happiness, and the outside world is a reflection of how happy you are on the inside.

7. They Eat Food the Way Mother Nature Intended

Happiness starts on the inside. When you feed your body processed junk or alcohol, it reflects on your mental wellbeing. Choosing whole, unprocessed foods free of chemicals will boost your energy levels and elevate your mood. Focus on including more plant-based sources into your diet, and you’ll feel a lot happier knowing you’re doing something positive for yourself.

8. They Don’t Judge Others

Happy people understand that others may have different points of view that don’t necessarily agree with theirs, and they are OKAY with that. They don’t let others affect their mood or happiness. Happy people allow others to exercise their own opinions, and stay unaffected by negative comments, or opinions that differ from their own. They have mastered how to shield themselves from poisonous people, and wish them well.

9. They Make Time for Themselves

We often times put ourselves last on our to-do list. When we are in a good place mentally, we can be of more service to others.  Take the time to do the things that bring you happiness, whether that’s a bubble bath after a long day, or asking your spouse to watch over the kids so you can visit a coffee shop to read your favorite book. Doing the things you truly enjoy helps you balance out those stressful moments that may be less than enjoyable 😉

10. They Are Always Learning

When we learn a new skill or sign up for a workshop, we feel growth as human beings. One of the reasons that people are unhappy is because they feel like their stuck living lives they don’t enjoy. You may not be able to quit your job, or predict unforeseen situations, but what you can do is pick up a book, or go to a free workshop in your area and learn something new. You find your mind stimulated and inspired, and will have gained a new perspective on a certain topic.

11. They Listen to Music

Music is powerful. It can bring out emotions of anger, love, sadness or even happiness, yes happiness! Put together a few of your favorite upbeat songs, and play your list on the way to work, or during exercise. You will feel super excited to get the day started! If you want to feel uber-happy, take a dance break and get your blood moving!

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